Mike to Announce Comprehensive Greener City Plan Monday

At 11:30 a.m. on Monday, May 18 at Riverview Park, Charlottesville City Council candidate Mike Signer (www.mikesigner.com) will release his strategy to protect and promote the environment in Charlottesville. 

Signer developed his plan through one of his campaign’s regular “Solutions Sessions” held with local stakeholders, including leaders in conservation law, river protection, the promotion of trees, and sustainable planning.  At the event, Signer will be introduced by former Charlottesville Mayor and longtime environmental leader Kay Slaughter.  He will make brief remarks, present the plan, and take questions. 

Signer’s first experience as a progressive activist was founding the environmental club at his public high school in Arlington, Virginia, after attending Al Gore’s Earth Day in 1989.  He has been an ardent environmentalist ever since then. 

Signer’s “Greener City” strategy will emphasize the planting of street trees, the Rivanna River, financing clean energy improvement, better design guidelines, increasing energy efficiency, and supporting bikes and walking.  Signer said, “Our beautiful natural environment is one of the pillars of Charlottesville, and an even healthier and more sustainable environment will benefit everyone—from our kids to our low-income residents to our senior citizens. On City Council, I will work with City staff and stakeholders on these steps to make Charlottesville an even greener city.”  

Please contact Maggie Thornton to RSVP and with any questions at maggie@mikesigner.com.