Mike Releases "City of Opportunity" economic strategy

After an exciting week of innovation at Charlottesville's Tom Tom Founders' Festival, Mike released his plans to create more economic opportunity in the city. Mike's strategy emphasizes the importance of leadership and bridging silos within City government on economic development.

You can see the full plan on our jobs page. The major proposals include:

  1. Create more private-sector jobs for those without advanced degrees
  2. Expand workforce training in up and coming fields
  3. Expand support for working parents
  4. Signal that Charlottesville is “Open for Business”
  5. Strengthen the public and performing arts 
  6. Establish a new public-private incubator and accelerator
  7. Establish a “buyer’s club” to support purchasing from local companies.
  8. Exert care with City budgeting and restraint on new taxes