NBC 29 Covers Mike's Efforts on Cleaning Up Midtown

On the day of the 2015 launch of Charlottesville Sparkles -- the monthly neighborhood clean-up effort that Mike and his wife Emily co-founded with City Councilor Bob Fenwick, the Midtown Business Association, and the Fifeville Neighborhood Association -- NBC 29 covered not only the clean-up effort, but the decision of the West Main ABC store to clean up and update its facade to be a better neighbor to residents and businesses in Midtown.  The story is here.

The ABC decision was the result of Mike's activism in 2014 regarding litter and public safety around the ABC store.  In his decision announcing the renewal of the store's lease, ABC chair Jeffrey Painter said, "We will remain vigilant regarding ideas for improvements to the store's appearance, collaborating with local law enforcement to address area public safety concerns and exploring avenues to find educational opportunities for the community's vulnerable populations."  The facade of the ABC store will be power-washed and the sign replaced, among other measures.