Cville Weekly interviews Mike

Mike Signer's Bid: City Council Candidate Talks Platform, Public Safety

Mike Signer grew up in Arlington, but Charlottesville tugged on him from an early age. The 42-year-old Fifeville resident and father of two spent summers here as an elementary school student in the ’70s, taking enrichment courses at UVA.

“I remember vividly falling in love with the city back then,” he said in an interview with C-VILLE a few days before he formally announced his campaign for City Council February 11 with a launch event at the Downtown Transit Center that was well-attended by local Democrats.

Charlottesville became his home while he attended UVA’s School of Law, and he put down roots not long after, buying his Fifeville home while working as a legal advisor to Senator Mark Warner in 2005. He launched an unsuccessful campaign for Lieutenant Governor in 2009, but since then, his focus has been closer to home. He’s got a law practice and a family here—he and his wife Emily have 4-month-old twin boys—and he’s spent the last few years digging into local politics and civic life. He ran the Democrats’ 2013 City Council campaign, serves as the president of the Fifeville Neighborhood Association, chairs the board of the Charlottesville Emergency Food Bank and sits on the West Main Steering Committee and a police advisory committee that includes City Manager Maurice Jones and former federal prosecutor Timothy Heaphy.

A run for local office felt like a natural next step, he said....

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